Will You Help

After dropping my two amazing girls off at school this morning I stopped off at the local Valero. It was packed with people, yet one car stuck out in my mind. A little silver two-door with a young couple inside with the passenger door open. Both of them kept craning their heads this way and that as the young man talked into a cell phone.

I finished with my purchase and walked back to the car, both of them still sitting there in the parking lot. I considered seeing if they might need some help and almost shrugged it off. Yet just this morning I had read the verse in Proverbs 19:17 which says; “If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord and he will repay you.” Now I didn’t view them as poor by any standard. However, I’ve found that on any given day each of us may find ourselves in a poor situation.

I decided to drive by and ask if they needed a jump-start. As generally that’s what I find a stuck car happens to need. The young woman came from the car and said they had sputtered into the station and realized they had no cash for gas and were waiting on someone they had called to come and help. It doesn’t matter what got them there. What mattered was that it was within my means to help and the question was, would I? I reached into my wallet and gave her enough to give them about a half a tank.

Now the cynic in me wondered if that’s what they really needed or if I had been fed a line. I’ve learned however that it’s often not how it’s used, but rather are we willing to give. So I really didn’t care. I was happy to help. She asked for my phone number, perhaps to repay, but I told her; we all have days, I’m happy to help.” As I pulled out I checked my rear-view mirror just to see if they would head off or pull to the pump. What I viewed was them back up to the pump and her walk in with the cash to pay for the gas.

We never know what people’s situations are. When it is in our power to help someone we ought to be willing to do it. We never know when it may be us needing the help. The Bible says; “He who waters others, will himself be watered.” (Kameron Paraphrase.) Look out for opportunities to help those you see in need. Having been a person who has had much need at many times in my life, I wonder if the seeds sown in similar small situations haven’t paved the way for me to receive when I have been in need. Giving is contagious. It brings joy to both the giver and the recipient. It lightens the day. It spreads tangible love in a tough world. It makes the world just a little better. If we all lived in such a way, many people’s days would be seen with a much greater sense of joy and peace, simply because someone made the choice to care.

Have a great Tuesday,

Kameron Lombard. © 2012

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